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We offer a wide variety of services at Mosman village Vet, bring your animals in for an annual health check to ensure they have the best quality of life. From vaccinations to pampering your pet, we've got it covered here in the most convenient location.


Annual Health Check


As your pet gets older it is essential to start treating disease processes before they get to a dangerous stage.

We can do DNA testing to tell if your pet is prone to developing specific diseases. We can utilise in house pathology to ensure your pet is healthy on the inside. 



It is essential to keep your pet up to date with it's vaccinations as this will ensure you aren't facing the heartbreak of having your pet facing a severe disease.

We recommend yearly health checks with a vaccination. 

This gives us a chance at least once a year to check your  pet and ensure their best health.

Phone now for an appointment and health check 

Microchip & Registration


Most puppies and kittens are microchipped when you buy them . If you are getting your puppy or kitten from friends or relatives it may not be . We can scan them and let you know if they have a microchip. After microchipping we will send the relevant papaerwork so they are identified for life .



We recommend worming your pet every 2 weeks until they are 16 weeks old then monthly till 6 months old then every 3 months. Guardian all wormer is great for dogs as it comes in a crewable form which they love .

Milbemax for cats is excellent and you only have to give one small tablet unlike supermarket brands where you can have to give 5 tablets for a 5 Kg cat .

Heartworm Prevention


Gone are the days of having to struggle with your dog daily to dose them to prevent heartworm . Now there is an injection which will protect them for a year. Ask us about how easy this is. 

Flea & Tick Prevention


With summer coming up, it is imperitive your pet is protected from deadly ticks. Ticks love the warm weather and hiding in the native bushland around Mosman. If you notice wobbly hind legs, bring in your pet immediately, as this could be an emergency. 

Fleas cause constant irriation and itchiness. Save your pet and your household from such a nuisance with monthly treatment. 

Nutritional Advice


Special dietary needs are common in dogs and cats. We carry a range of pet foods including Eukanuba, Advance, Hills Science Diet and Royal Canin at very competitive prices. 

Boarding & Day Care


Please call Barnstone Boarding or Meadowmist boarding for all your boarding requirements

DNA Dog Testing


DNA testing is here for dogs. This is an easy and quick method to determine if your dog is prone to a number of inherited diseases. Ask us today to send a test off and let your mind rest easy.



At Mosman Village Vet  we have the latest dental scalers and polishers and a full dental treatment regime. Why put up with smelly breath when we can fix it today.



Steve O'Halloran loves surgery. He has been fixing problems for 30 years and can offer you and your pet the best outcome from their surgery.

All surgeries are followed up with pain relief for your pet so there is no uncomfortable recovery.

We have the latest and best Digital X Ray machine. This  gives the best diagnostic images to make the best decisions on  treatment for your pet.

Book in today to remove that lump you have been worrying about for too long.

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